Day 2: to Santiago

24 May 2016

Today’s post is dedicated to the amazing Spanish car drivers. For once I’m not being sarcastic. Quite possibly the most considerate drivers I’ve encountered. Most would give me an entire lane when overtaking. Much needed considering all this rain. So, thank you!

So, the rain. Whoever did the rain dance so I’d not feel homesick, it was very kind but you can stop now. Please. After a near-sweltering heat and sunshine yesterday, it abruptly came to an end this morning with drizzle then bouts of heavy rain all day long. All long day long. 130 kilometres today: with a generous lunch break, and an hour’s time difference, I left at about 9.30 this morning, and rolled in to Santiago around 18.30.

Only one routing via a “no cattle, cycles or horse and carts” road today, so a marked improvement. However, the situation with the Garmin is escalating and it now seems to be upset with me as well as my phone. It has taken to telling me I’m off route for just long enough for me to start believing it, detect that I’ve started slowing down, and then cheerily announce “Course found” smugly.

Bit of a downgrade on the room today, a generic cheap hotel room, but in better news I did find a bar selling Dead Pony Club and 5am Saint to refuel with.

Given the continuing Garmin situation, there are still no routes to upload to Strava I’m afraid. If Internet cafés still exist (do they?) I’ll try to hunt one down tomorrow and upload them. The legs are quite pleased it’s a piddly 50kms tomorrow. Until then!

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