20 October 2019

No to Voter ID

'I agree with Jacob Rees-Mogg' are words I never expected to pen. However, when he said 'We are not the sort of country where you are expected to show your papers to prove who you are. The basis of our historic freedoms is that if you go about your business lawfully you never have to prove to the authorities who you are... That is something that is very precious to us.'

20 May 2018


Moving to a new city for a new job is a good time for reflection and a good opportunity to make some adjustments. I've done that, and it turns out it's all boiled down to one word: prioritising.

08 April 2017

The Volcanoes

As you may have noticed, I've so far failed to write about my South American adventures. Fear not, I have been taking notes and I'll turn them into some coherent words soon. Today, however, I'm going to write out of sequence about the last week, where I've been preparing for a big climb on Saturday night.

19 August 2016