We need to fix voting from abroad but online voting isn't the answer

“This is bullshit”, Marc Lewandowski quite rightly said when his ballot arrived in Melbourne with just three days to get back to the UK before polling day. With stories like Marc’s emerging every election, it’s natural for online voting to come up as a possible solution. It’s not though, as it introduces too many risks to election integrity.

01 March 2024

How to waste money hosting a website: load balancer edition

I was pretty excited about finding a project that would give me an excuse to learn Rust. That excitement faded away after just a few minutes when I realised the data-based website I wanted to build was simple enough that I could punt everything to the frontend and let it handle the filtering and sorting.

11 April 2023

Preparing for the worst

I love my data and do everything I can to keep it. When I recently rebuilt my home server I took the opportunity to improve my backuprecovery strategy in case the worst happens. Here’s the new setup:

17 September 2022

20 October 2019