From London to London to Paris

25 May 2013

It feels a bit like deja vu, all over again. Just over a year ago I had to pull out of the London Marathon, again, and had high hopes for doing it this year, having had a year of recovery. Again, things didn’t go according to plan and that niggle in my foot turned out to be more serious than the word niggle gives it credit for. I’m still trying to fix that and, thankfully, (or perhaps not) I was able to defer my marathon place once more.

Eager for something to do in the meantime, and still a little disappointed I couldn’t do that London to Paris relay run, I’ve stupidly agreed to swap the running shoes for two wheels and pedal from London to Paris this weekend. With a few weekend training rides in the Surrey countryside under my belt, I’m hoping I’m in OK shape for it — it’s only 170 miles, after all — but that’ll become abundantly clear over the next three days.

We’re going to be taking a route via Newhaven, over to Dieppe by ferry (didn’t fancy that swim), then on to Paris via Beauvais. The weather forecast over the last week and hailstorms last Thursday didn’t give me much hope of decent weather, but as we’ve approached the day the forecast has got better and better and it’s now looking like we’ll be having sunshine all the way!

My bag is packed, the GPS programmed, and all that’s left now is a nice long bath before the off at lunchtime today from Big Ben. I’m hoping to post updates each day here from my phone, technology and engergy permitting, so stay tuned.

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