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28 July 2014

I've lost count of the number of times I've had to dig out a link to the JSON prettifier Chrome extension I use, having been asked "which JSON prettifier is that?" by the person looking over my shoulder as they stare jealously at the beautifully-prettified JSON in my browser with its sexy counts of array elements.

Since the search term "sexy JSON formatter" doesn't work too well and "JSON formatter" doesn't discriminate well enough across the plethora of extensions available, I have to go find the ID of the extension every time. Bored of doing this, I decided a blog post was in order to record a link to the plugin once and for all. So, without any further ado, I give you: my Chrome extensions.

JSON Formatter

The very reason for this post. The best JSON formatter in town the Chrome web store, in my opinion. It's fast and, crucially, it gives you a lovely little count of the number of objects in an array.

Adblock Plus

I tired of ads following me around the Web after visiting a certain furniture website, as I ranted about at #MetaBeerTalks in June. With this plugin I don't notice.

APK Downloader

Useful for getting at Android packages from the Chrome store.


I think you can guess what this does. You got it: add, edit, remove cookies. An added bonus is the EasterChristmas egg.


With the demise of Google Reader, I found feedly to be a good replacement. A decent browser plugin compliments the Android app for reading on-the-go.

Google Analytics Opt-out

Don't want your own hits on your website to skew your Google Analytics stats, or concerned from a privacy perspective? This plug-in will ensure your browsing information won't be sent to Google.

HTTPS Everywhere

Because some people can't work out how to do a redirect to a more secure protocol.


After the umpteenth leak of plaintext, and badly hashed, passwords by companies that should know better, I decided it was high time to ween myself away from standard passwords for random websites. LastPass is truly excellent. It may not have the shiniest of interfaces but what it lacks in polish is made up for in features. Two-factor authentication, password sharing, a decent mobile app, to name but a few.


Tweaking request headers can be very useful.


I, like everyone else, sometimes find myself with far too many tabs open. This handy extension closes said tabs to save on memory, letting you restore them later by selecting from a list of tabs.

Send to Kindle

An easy way to get Web pages over to my Kindle for later reading.


Some people at work use Postman for playing with APIs. I'm a command-line person myself, so prefer curl, but you may find it useful. Tiff finds Boomerang for GMail helpful, too, for scheduling mails I took a look at Boomerang and, because GMail doesn't offer any fine-grained access control, you need to give it full access to your mailbox; something there's no chance I'll do, nor could I recommend anyone else does.

What Chrome extensions can't you live without? Do you have a better one for doing any of the above, or anything else for that matter? Drop me a line if you do.

This originally appeared on our company blog.

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